Thursday, April 26, 2012

Passed my flight physical!

Just passed my flight physical for the finalist stage of the HiSEAS mission and received my Medical Certificate Second Class!

Honestly, when I heard "Class 2 Flight Physical", the little kid in me was expecting something along the lines of the astronaut selection scene in "The Right Stuff":

The reality however was what you'd usually expect when you go to the Doctor's office for your normal checkup.

I actually asked the physician what was the difference between a Class 2 and a normal physical. He responded that for my age bracket (21-30) a Class 2 was no different than a normal physical, it was just documented a lot better.

Ex: Pulse, blood pressure, lung sounds, heart sounds, height, weight, vision, color blindness, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, glands, and all the other spots they check in a normal physical.

No surprises in the physical, fortunately. Doctor said I am in great shape for my age bracket.

Next step: The Interview!



  1. Outstanding! I wondered about the physical at my age of 61, but since I wasn't chosen, I didn't find out.

    1. Terry, Yeah they said that older age brackets had more extensive tests, ex: blood work, EKG, etc... But as I've no family history and am in my 20s, I don't need it.

  2. I got my physical this morning. For Terry, I'll be 60 in a couple of weeks. I've been flying on a Class Three medical cert. for over 10 years now, and was a little concerned I might not quite meet the Class Two vision standard uncorrected. It turns out I was right. My medical certificate now says, for the first time in my life, I must wear corrective lenses to fly (the Class III standard is 20/40 bilateral). That was always the risk for those of us who fly that a higher class physical might affect our actual flying.

    I had an eye exam earlier in the week, and the optometrist didn't even give me a prescription--my right eye tested 20/20, and my left was 20/25. This morning, I tested 20/20 in the left, and 20/30 in the right.

    So, I'll need to go back to the optometrist and get a prescription for, apparently, the weakest possible distance vision glasses so my flying stays legal, even though I meet the standard for the flying I actually do. (sigh) Maybe HI-SEAS will reimburse me for the glasses??? Probably not.

    Anyway, I passed, and sent a scan of the certificate to them, so no problem.

    Knock 'em dead on the interview, Josh.

    Ed Fix

  3. PS. One difference between any class of flight physical and a normal physical evaluation is the pass-fail aspect of it. If you pass, you can fly; if not, you can't. It can be nervous-making if flying is your profession (or your passion).


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