Monday, February 27, 2012


Officially submitted my HiSEAS application at 3:52 AM EST, 2/27/2012!

Total page count: 20 pages including cover letter and resume.

More on my application later. For now... To bed!


  1. Congrats! I think I'm on page 17 and very much ready to be finished. Nice idea starting a blog now!

    1. Thanks Meridith, and congratulations on being comment #1!

      I see you're in Las Cruces, going to NMSU I assume? Have you visited the Spaceport?

      I spent several months in Cruces back in the X Prize Cup days.

  2. Yea, about to finish my Masters in May (aquatic ecology research working with algae for biofuel). I haven't been to the Spaceport yet, but I did spend a day at the Very Large Array. Fascinating! Just looked up the X Prize Cup, looks awesome. I've only been to Holloman for their Octoberfest.

    1. Unfortunately the X Prize Cup is no longer being held. Was a great event while it lasted! The educational impact on the local students alone was worth it!

      OMG the Holloman Octoberfest! During the X Prize Cup at Holloman, the Germans held a big Octoberfest barbeque for the entire staff... (the X Prize Cup was in October every year) Was heaven on a bun!

      Cool to hear you're working on algae and biofuel! Certainly a very relevant technology for spaceflight applications! Have you lined up a job or research opportunity when you get out?

      My Masters research was on growing plants in martian atmospheric pressure. I worked in a lab at Kennedy Space Center Space Life Sciences Laboratory and there was lots of algae research going on there!

  3. I'm hoping it's relevant enough to land me a spot on the Hi-SEAS crew! The main challenge is scaling down my research to fit in the "lab bench space may not exceed 0.5 m2, and floor space, 1 m2"requirement. But, there's always a way. Plus, a carboy of lime-green kool-aid-looking algae wouldn't be a bad sight for sore eyes. Unless the solitude and food monotony drives everyone mad and then it will look like a carboy of lime-green kool-aide...

    Anyway, I will be staying in Las Cruces next fall to continue work as a research technician for my current adviser. The ultimate plan is to take two years off before continuing with a PhD in biomathematics. Other adventures will probably be traveling and WWOOFing until funds run low.

    What kind of plants did you grow and how did you maintain martian atmospheric pressure? Did you propose similar research to be conducted during the simulation? I liked your other post about getting the analog to be Super Socially Connected. If we both end up selected, count me in!


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